• Ben Carson

    Retired Neurosurgeon & Author

  • Carly Fiorina

    Chairman, American Conservative Union Foundation & Chairman, Unlocking Potential Project Former Chief Executive Officer of Hewlett-Packard

  • Jim DeMint

    President of The Heritage Foundation

  • Matt Kibbe

    President and CEO of FreedomWorks

  • Ann McElhinney

    Journalist, Film Producer and Director

  • Dan Forest

    Lieutenant Governor

  • Ann-Marie Murrell

    CEO and Editor-in-Chief of PolitiChicks.com

  • Deneen Borelli

    Outreach Director with FreedomWorks

  • Phil Berger

    President Pro Tem of the North Carolina Senate

  • Peter Schweizer

    President of Government Accountability Institute, a William J. Casey Fellow at the Hoover Institution, Stanford University and a best-selling author.

  • Nick Dranias

    President & Executive Director, Compact for America Educational Foundation

  • Morgan Brittany

    Co-Owner of PolitiChicks.com

  • Sabrina Schaeffer

    Executive Director of the Independent Women's Forum

  • Jeff Tarte

    N.C. Senator

  • Courtney Van Cott

    Staff Attorney at the Goldwater Institute

  • Donald Bryson

    North Carolina State Director for Americans for Prosperity Foundation

  • Catherine Engelbrecht

    Founder and President, King Street Patriots and True the Vote

  • Buck Newton

    N.C. Senator

  • Daniel Garza

    Executive Director of The LIBRE Initiative

  • Katherine Restrepo

    Health and Human Services Policy Analyst at the John Locke Foundation

  • Alexander Miles

    NC Field Director The LIBRE Initiative

  • Charlie Kirk

    Founder & Executive Director, Turning Point USA

  • James O'Keefe

    Founder and President, Project Veritas


  • Mary Ann McCarthy

  • Dr. Jay Lehr

    Science Director at The Heartland Institute

  • John Fund

    National-Affairs Columnist for National Review

  • Bob Menges

    Regional Legislative Director Convention of States Project

  • Mark Meadows

    N.C. Representative

  • Bob Woodson

    Founder and President of the Center for Neighborhood Enterprise

  • Alan Wilson

    Attorney General for South Carolina

  • David & Jason Benham

    Authors, "Whatever The Cost"