Your ticket and/or name tag act as proof of registration and are  non-transferable revocable licenses. Event management reserves the right to revoke such licenses, in its sole discretion, at any time and for any reason without compensation or refund. Event management may refuse admission to, or eject, any ticket holder without refund if the holder fails to comply with any applicable rules or terms, or is deemed to be disorderly. Inappropriate behavior and/or abusive language may result in ejection (without refund), arrest, forfeiture of ticket privileges, and other legal action.

Limitation of Liability

When you purchase a ticket, you voluntarily assume all risks and danger arising from the event for which the ticket is issued, whether occurring prior to, during, or after the event, including accidents. Lost or stolen personal property, or personal injury or death. To the extent permitted by law, the ticket holder irrevocably waives all rights of any nature against The John W. Pope Civitas Institute, event management, the venue (including venue owners), participants, participating organizations, participating partners, sponsors, and releases.

Ticket Availability and Pricing

Tickets available on the website are usually only a portion of the total tickets available for the event. The John W. Pope Civitas Institute may issue additional tickets at a later date which are above or below the ticketing price you paid for your tickets. No refunds or exchanges will be made for other tickets regardless of differences in price, seating location, or any other parameter.

Changes to Performance or Schedule

Event dates, times and locations are subject to change – even after the ticket is purchased. No refunds will be issued if an event is rescheduled or if the schedule of performers changes.

Copies or Counterfeit Tickets

It’s very important that you keep your tickets safe, and do not allow other people to access them. The ticket you present at the event needs to be the original paper ticket, not a copy or facsimile. Don’t cut, fold, or otherwise modify your ticket or it will be void. The code on the ticket may be scanned, and needs to be readable. If you or someone else made illegal copies of the ticket, only one code will work, and copies of this code will be voided automatically. Copying tickets or attempting to copy tickets is fraud. If a person presents a counterfeit or copied ticket, your entire ticket order is subject to revocation andyou may be prevented from entering the event.

Lost, Stolen, or Damaged Tickets

You need to treat your tickets as if they were cash. No tickets will be reissued and no refunds will be given for lost, stolen, or damaged tickets. This includes tickets you claim were not received in the mail. Also, if there is a barcode on the ticket, this barcode needs to be readable or the ticket will be void. No exceptions.

Cancelled and Postponed Events

All ticket sales are final. Refunds and exchanges for cancelled events are at the sole discretion of The John W. Pope Civitas Institute. Unless otherwise stated, NO REFUNDS will be issued if an event cancels. This policy is true regardless of the reason for cancellation.

You Are Subject to Search

You may not bring certain items into the event, such as bottles, cans, coolers, alcoholic beverages, food, signs, poles, weapons, professional video or motion picture cameras, fireworks and drugs, and it is your responsibility to check with the specific venue and The John W. Pope Civitas Institute on their policies. You and your belongings may be subject to search upon entering the event, and prohibited items may be confiscated. By entering the search area at the entrance, you consent to such searches, and by tendering this ticket for entry, waive any claims against The John W. Pope Civitas Institute, event management, venue (including venue owners), participants, participating organizations, participating partners, sponsors. and all of their respective officers, agents, directors, owners, and employees. Failure to consent to such searches will result in denial of entry into the event.

Transfer, Resale, or Promotions

You can’t “Transfer” or otherwise resell your tickets. If you do, we reserve the right to revoke those tickets and any other tickets you may have purchased. We will also prohibit you from future ticket purchases. You cannot use your tickets for advertising or promotional purposes (including, contests or sweepstakes or other trade purposes), without the express written permission of The John W. Pope Civitas Institute.

Use of Your Likeness

NOTICE: The event will be recorded.

By entering the event, you grant permission to The John W. Pope Civitas Institute and its designees an irrevocable, perpetual right to record and use your image, likeness and/or voice in any media now or hereafter existing in connection with any broadcast (live or recorded) or any other transmission, publication or reproduction of the event, in whole or in part, worldwide (including the Internet) and for any other purpose whatsoever, including commercial purposes and without compensation.